Job-seekers Support Programme (JSSP)

A number of networks take part in Job-seekers Support Programme (JSSP) throughout Ireland. This initiative is aimed solely at unemployed people and includes free training in skills in demand by companies combined with direct access to employers through meaningful work placements.

Increase your employability and make new contacts in industry by getting training with a Skillnets network. Over 285 JSSP courses were delivered by 47 training networks during 2013. The main objective of the Jobseeker Support Programme is to up-skill jobseekers to re-enter their revious sector of employment, transfer into an alternative sector or return to education. Under the JSSP fund Waterford Chamber Skillnet offers 100% funded and certified courses that also gives participants the chance to partake in relevant work experience. 

If you are unemployed and fulfil the Skillnets definition of a job-seeker you can attend Skillnets courses at no cost. Look at eligibility criteria and funding to find out more.

By training with a Skillnets network, not only will you be able to access training that is directly relevant to industry needs but there is an added advantage of networking opportunities with companies and employees  and other Jobseekers in your chosen sector and/or region. See the Why Train section for more benefits of training with a Skillnets network.

Find a course or find a network and get the training you need.

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