MSc in Computing - Enterprise Business Systems

The overall aim of this  programme is to produce graduates with the necessary knowledge, skills and expertise in business systems analysis and managing enterprise software development.

Students choose from a list of 10 credit modules (1 or 2 per semester) and the MSc happens in block mode with modules running on seperate mornings with lecturers followed by lab excercises.

This approach is designed to facilitate part time students who are released from work 1 or 2 mornings per week. 

The programme is designed in such a way that the full MSc can be attained within the 2 years on completion of 6 taught modules plus dissertation.

The course aims to produce graduates who can: 

  1. Reason and problem-solve to a high level in the context of enterprise software and its role in business, indsutry and research;
  2. Participate constructively in the strategic deployment of enterprise software;
  3. Manage the development of high-quality enterprise software products and services;
  4. Undertake research-based projects for industry, providing effective advice and leadership where required;
  5. Manage technology-based projects that require the handling of innovation and change in dynamic environments.

Course dates and times currently pending.
Modules subject to demand.

Course Information
Venue Trainer Spaces Length
WIT - Each module runs for a 15 week semester. Modules are delivered by members of the academic faculty of WIT. Available Funding available to employers.
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Sep 17, 2018 6:00pm to 10:00pm

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