Higher Certificate in Business and Manufacturing Certified by Waterford Institute of Technology This e-learning programme will allow the student to engage with the material when he/she is available, at their own pace and in their own time and allow them to achieve a qualification relevant to their job.

Waterford Institute of TechnologyEach module contains multiple choice lesson quizzes after each section and there are 2 attempts on each with the higher result saved. All assessments are carried out on-line and after successful completion of 5 modules (a total of 40 credits), students may receive a minor award. The award is level 6 on the NFQ and certified by Waterford Institute of Technology. It may also be considered for credit exemptions on other courses.

This minor award will be a major step forward in bringing critical learning to workers for their continuous professional development and maintain their employability and adaptability in an ever-changing world of technology and work practices where quality control and traceability of product is paramount.

Higher Certificate in Business and Manufacturing
Subject No Subject Title Level Credits Module Descriptors
1 Manufacturing Systems and Standards 6 5 The aim of this module is to provide accreditation in Manufacturing Systems and Standards for people who are employed in both manufacturing and service sectores
2 Lean Manufacturing 6 5 The purpose of this module is to provide the student with an introduction to the principles and tools of Lean Manufacturing: 55 Workplace Organisation, Standard Work and basic Problem Solving
3 Safety and Health 6 10 This course is designed for anybody who is looking for an introduction into safety procedures in an enterprise or organisation.
4 Quality Mgt. 6 10 This course is designed for small business owner managers or people working in management who wish to upgrade their systems of quality assurance and control.
5 Project Mgt. 6 10 This module is ideal as an introduction to the principles of project management for employees who have an interest in learning how to plan and manage a project from the early stages of defining the work, to completion and handover.
6 Total 40 credits